Friday, April 14, 2006

New Links

I've added new links to my blog. The financial links are the institutions that I am currently using; not necessarily advertising these companies but companies that I feel CURRENTLY give me the most value for my money. With the exception of Bank of America. I only keep this to have easy ATM cash access and usually keep a minimal balance in here. Otherwise, BofA does not have good rates or deals for checking or savings accounts. Currently, I have a "student" account with monthly fees waived and no minimum balance. For some reason, it has not expired. This is the one time that being a career student has financial benefits.

Who ever heard of a bank charging you money for them to keep your money? Apparently, this is more the norm with the large banks in California. Shoot, they don't even give you those cheesy lunch coolers or duffel bags as an incentive to open an account with them.
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Blogger inagm said...

I use washington mutual free checking. They now have improved free checking - you get free checks for a lifetime (I think). You can check it out at There's plenty of branch locations in SD

11:36 AM, April 14, 2006  

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