Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Publish or perish: #2 on the list of 10 best jobs!?

CNN/money recently posted the 10 best jobs list in America. Pretty surprising to see some of the professions they listed. The idea of college professor is really cool but when I think of professor, I think of someone that has to "publish or perish". That does not sound like a mantra under which I would want my livelihood to be dependent on. Job insecurity would make me age rapidly as in the way Bill Clinton's appearance transformed from pre-Lewinsky to post-Lewinsky impeachment.

Teaching at community colleges, technical schools is different and likely just as rewarding... but the term professor to me implies research... thus grant applications... thus constant deadlines and the possibility of not being funded. Not cool.

In addition, this list does not have longevity, it's more of what is HOT right now...I doubt "real estate appraiser" will be anywhere near the top 10 next year.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, N Judah! Surprisingly well-written; the UC system has really improved your writing skillz! Let's see if you can keep up the quantity and quality of the posts; blogging is not for the faint at heart. I also see the wisdom of your anonymity.

Few of my favorite financial links:
-MP Dunleavey

-USAA (The best rates, great services, but you gotta have military affiliation to get in):

-Bidding for Travel (Work with to figure out your lowest bids!):

-CA AG (Don't mess with me; I'll call the AG. Now gimme back my money.):

-Was that an earthquake?

That's all for now; if I gave you everything, would you come back looking for more?

Out like the tax breaks in 2010.

10:01 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Jonezez said...

Thanks for the links! Looking forward to more links. Must be a Northern Californian if you're asking about earthquakes. Have you seen Superman 1 (1978) and lex luthor's grand plan to destroy the San Andreas Fault?

9:00 PM, April 20, 2006  

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