Monday, May 01, 2006

Nigerian Scam...In Japan

So some genius felt that it was best to try to scam someone by posting on the comments section of my blog. I can barely even understand what the heck they are trying to ask...of course, how does this relate to personal finance?

There is no such thing as having returns without risk (the closest thing perhaps are treasury bonds, money markets, FDIC savings accounts).

Check out the scam below:
"I need your help.
So I manage as anybody find only your benefit without your loss and risk.
If you can not trust me after you reed this, please teach me how I can trick you.

I want to buy a thing which I can not buy it in my country.
And I can not make a credit card.So I can not pay.
So please buy and send it to me.

In total, I pay you about US$ 2000.
It costs about US$ 450 - US$ 500.
I need two kinds of them. so US$1000 for one.
To trust each other, I send US$1000 whenever I get one of them.

I pay US$ 300 in advance for it and the other after I get it.
So no risk for you.Please send a reply.
Then I can write detail of the thing.

I pay total because I need your cooperation for my life.
I wish you do before it.

-Uh... thanks loser. can i call you so I can just GIVE you my credit card #, SSN, and/or bank information?
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