Thursday, April 27, 2006

California: Quick to cash, slow to respond

My wife recently had to apply for licensure as part of her profession in California. She submitted her appropriate documents to Sacramento in October... She followed-up within 6 weeks to check on her status. Total run-around, no resolution. Needless to say, she finally did NOT get appropriate licensure until earlier this month (approximately 6 mos after initial application).

Now.. I owed the state of California money for 2005 income taxes. In addition, I submitted an estimated tax payment for 2006. Payment submitted via snail mail on April 17 to prolong the pain of paying taxes as much as possible. The checks were deposited by the state of California within 1.5 weeks! Why does it take the state 6 months when you need them to approve something as a condition of your employment; but when it comes to accepting payment, they deposit your money as quickly as they receive it?

How convenient.

Don't you hate it when this happens with other "services"...i.e. cable companies, DSL service, phone bills, etc. They expect payment promptly but when you call customer service, it takes ungodly amounts of time to just speak to a human sometimes. How lame.
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