Thursday, May 11, 2006

Supreme overdiversification

Found a cool website that lists the investments of all judges. What does chief justice Roberts have in his portfolio? 46 common stocks and 31 mutual funds plus other miscellaneous investments. Granted, I have no doubt that being as busy as he is, he must have professionals managing his investments. While I give him props for owning several low-cost Vanguard funds, there is significant overlap in some of his holdings. For example, he owns Fidelity Contrafund, Magellan, and Scwhab S&P 500. Why own the more expensive Schwab index fund when you can just go with Vanguard 500 index? Just interesting to see that even professionals with professional help often don't get good advice.
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Anonymous Andrew said...

Thanks for the link to judicial watch. It looks like an interesting site. Many proffessionals do not get great advice from their advisors. They might be too busy to pay attention or learn about investing. Priorities all out of whack.

4:20 PM, May 18, 2006  

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