Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Surfing San Diego

So much blogging about finance stuff, but still no posts on the surfing as I had originally intended. But choosing to surf has to do with finance... at least indirectly.

So as I enter my 30s, the body just doesn't hold up as well... pants start to get a little tighter, get the occasional sprouting of grey hairs, fatigue kicks in earlier. So I thought, I need to do something to keep physically fit... but preferably something inexpensive, hence the tie-in to my personal finances. Being in San Diego, how can you pass up on the surfing? plus, going to the beach is free and you need minimal equipment. But I'm starting to realize that surfing becomes very addictive, subsequently putting me into a positive feedback loop of more and more purchases.

Expenses thus far:
1)used surfboard $275
2)Oneil psycho 2 wetsuit $200 (hook-up, reg price is $395)
3)Quicksilver backup wetsuit $100
4)Yakima Surf rack set-up for my crappy car $375
5)Leash $25
6)Board shorts x 2 = $40
7)Boat-loads of sunscreen = $20
8)Surf hat to keep sun off = $20
9)Wax $10
10) now looking into another surfboard purchase to diversify ~$300-500

That's well over $1000 and pushing $1500 if I buy another surfboard. Not so cheap afterall... but the way I see it, it will keep me in shape, I enjoy doing it, and there's nothing like the gratification of being able to go at will without having to pay any type of fee (like a course fee or lift ticket, etc). Maybe I should invest more time and energy in learning to play poker well where there is a potential for positive returns.
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